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Kei Mouth and Morgan’s Bay lie within the very aptly named Wild Coast and both are extremely picturesque offering a diversity of habitats within a very small area. The cliffs at Morgan’s Bay are particularly dramatic at sunset while the small forest patches scattered along the coastline offer a wide diversity of plant and bird species. 

Over 170 bird species have been recorded for the area with flocks of Southern Crowned Crane being regular sightings while African Fish Eagles and Mangrove Kingfishers may be found along the numerous lagoons and estuaries. The multitude of hiking trails and horse riding trails allow easy access to the coastline and also pass through small patches of indigenous forest, thus offering numerous photographic opportunities. 


Best Time to Photograph
The boulder and sandy beaches are best photographed at dawn while the rugged cliff coastline is best photographed at dusk. Birds are most active on the Kei Mouth golf course and within the forest patches at dawn and in the early morning.
Type of Photography
  • Birds
  • Landscapes
Best Time of Year
Throughout the year
Photographic Tips
The Kei Mouth golf course is an excellent place to photograph a number of bird species including Southern Grey Crowned Cranes, Black-Winged Plovers and Ground Hornbills. The cranes roost at various wetlands scattered within the area. Mangrove Kingfisher may be found in the woodland area near the Kei Mouth. There are great landscape photographic opportunities from the cliffs just to the west of Morgan’s Bay. These can be found by following the road that leads past the Morgan’s Bay Hotel.
Recommended Gear
Large telephoto lenses are recommended for bird photography while a wide-angle zoom lens as well as a mid-range zoom lens are recommended for landscape photography. Tripod and cable release are a must for long-exposure landscapes.


Season and Weather
The Wild Coast generally has a mild climate with warmer summers where thunderstorms may occur. Winters are mild.
Other Activities
  • Bird Watching
  • Hiking
  • Horse riding
  • Rock & surf angling


Closest Town
Getting There
The Kei Mouth and Morgan’s Bay lie about an hour and a half’s drive east of East London along the R349. Kei Mouth and Morgan’s Bay are separated by a short 10-kilometer stretch of road.
Kei Mouth


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