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African Fish Eagle_African Conservation Photography_© Peter Chadwick
Travel Writing
Lying on the border between Namibia and Botswana, the Chobe River is one of Africa's finest wildlife photographic destinations with teaming herds of wildlife and a matching diversity of bird species being on offer. Large herds of African Elephant and Cape Buffaloes swim across the crocodile infested river during the dry winter months on a daily basis to...
Pin cushions and pelargoniums by wildlife and conservation photographer Peter Chadwick.jpg
With the global wonder of Table Mountain as its icon, the Western Cape is also the centre of the Cape Floristic Kingdom that is one of the world’s richest biodiversity and scenic hotspots. The coastline and marine environments are amongst the most diverse on the planet as a result of the mixing of the Agulhas and Benguela currents. All...
African Skimmer in flight by wildlife and conservation photographer Peter Chadwick
The global population of the African Skimmer is around 10 000 birds with only 1000 of these occurring in southern Africa where it faces human induced threats and it’s conservation status is considered as near-threatened. It is dependent on large healthy rivers and lake systems with exposed sandbanks where it roosts and breeds and the Chobe and Zambezi...
Morea Fugax by wildlife and conservation photographer Peter Chadwick.jpg
Although being the smallest of the six floristic regions of the world, the Cape Floristic Kingdom is the most diverse with over 9600 plant species having been recorded to date. 69% of these species are endemics and the sheer diversity and abundance of the fynbos together with its outstanding ecological processes rightly justify this incredible area as a World...
Cape Clawless Otter | African Conservation Photography | © Peter Chadwick
Marine Conservation
The Tsitsikamma Marine Protected Area is Africa’s oldest Marine Protected Area (MPA), having been proclaimed with immense foresightedness in 1964. This means that 2014 marks the 50th anniversary of this MPA within the heart of the Garden Route National Park. The 61km long MPA protects important rocky coastline, sandy beaches, sub-tidal reefs and critically important fish species. ...
African Elephant portrait by wildlife and conservation photographer Peter Chadwick.jpg
African Elephants are an icon of Africa! Sadly, human greed is decimating their populations across the continent with estimates stating that an elephant is killed every 15 minutes! This senseless killing is driven largely by an Asian market that prizes the ivory as ornaments. These cravings drive organised crime and international terrorism through funds generated from the illegal ivory...
The aerial perspective | ©Jean Tresfon
As National Marine week comes to an end, we take to the skies with photographer Jean Tresfon, for an aerial perspective of our greatest natural asset, the Western Cape's coastline.
Wild Thing | ©Allen Walker Photography | Marine Week 2914
Sharks are the apex predators in the oceans yet they are under severe pressure from over-exploitation.
National Marine Week 2014 | False Bay Coastline | ©Arne Purves
National Marine Week is a campaign that aims to educate all South Africans about the role oceans play in their daily lives.
Global Walk For Elephants Kasane Botswana by wildlife and conservation photograpger Peter Chadwick.jpg
On the 4th October 2014, the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos took place across 136 cities and towns across six continents. Thousands marched to pressurise governments to do more to stop the rampant wave of poaching that is decimating African Elephant and Rhino populations. In Kasane in Botswana, Elephants without Borders led one of the more poignant and...
148 results - showing 21 - 30
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