Granite Outcrops

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Ongoye Forest Reserve is a large remnant patch of coastal forest covering approximately 3900ha and is the only known location of the Green Barbet, making it one of the Zululand Birding Routes must see locations.  
The coastal section of the Namaqua National Park lies between the Groen and Spoeg River estuaries and traverses rugged yet picturesque coastline that requires the use of a 4x4 vehicle.
The Polokwane Game Reserve with its close proximity to Johannesburg conserves the Pietersburg Plateau false grassland. This is home to a number of important endemic birds including the Short-Clawed Lark and Ashy Tit.
Cape Town
The Boulders Beach parking lot provides a great vantage point for photographing the penguins as they make their way down to the water. 
4 results - showing 1 - 4