Wild Coast

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flame lilly by wildlife and conservation photographer peter chadwick.
Hluleka Nature Reserve is only 772 hectares, yet it has a  diversity of habitats that includes picturesque coastal sections of secluded rocky bays interspersed with sandy beaches.
Covered with deep valley forest and six kilometers of rugged yet striking coastline, Silaka Nature Reserve teams with butterflies, birdlife and the diminutive Blue Duiker and shy Bushbuck
With a mixture of coastal forest, coastal grasslands, numerous estuaries and a rugged coastline, Dwesa-Cwebe Nature Reserve creates the feeling of being deep within the wilderness.
Mkambati river by wildlife and conservation photographer peter chadwick.
The Mkambati Nature Reserve covers 8000 hectares of coastal grasslands and deep forested gorges.
Kei Mouth and Morgan’s Bay lie within the very aptly named Wild Coast and both are extremely picturesque offering a diversity of habitats within a very small area. The cliffs at Morgan’s Bay are particularly dramatic at sunset while the small forest patches scattered along the coastline offer a wide diversity of plant and bird species. ...
5 results - showing 1 - 5