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Wildscreen Exchange - Using Images to Empower Conservation Hot

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Cape Vulture_©PeterChadwick_AfricanConservationPhotographer.jpg

Wildscreen is an award-winning wildlife conservation charity that shares awe-inspiring images of life on Earth to empower conservation around the world.  When strong storytelling and captivating imagery are united to portray the planet, they believe that people are moved to take action to protect it.

Wildscreen delivers its mission through three key initiatives:

Wildscreen Festivals:
Their prestigious festivals gather the world’s best in wildlife photography and filmmaking. They are a chance to showcase the very best in the business, the latest technological innovations and new storytelling styles, as well providing a prestigious and fun place for networking, to negotiate new projects and nurture important new talent. Through these festivals we define industry agendas and promote excellence in storytelling.

Cape Mountain Zebra_©PeterChadwick_AfricanConservationPhotographer

1 of 12: Endangered Cape Mountain Zebra graze on open plains.

Namaqua Daisies_©PeterChadwick_AfricanConservationPhotographer

2 of 12: Namaqua Daisy flowers follow the path of the sun at dawn.

Great White Shark_PeterChadwick_AfricanConservationPhotographer

3 of 12: Researchers film a Great White Shark as it passes their research vessel.

Wildscreen Arkive:
An online resource cataloguing the stories of species, ecosystems and everything to do with the natural world. It is the most comprehensive collection of its kind and inspires the next generation to be tomorrow’s conservationists.

De Hoop Dunes_©PeterChadwick_AfricanConservationPhotographer

4 of 12: The sun sets over coastal dune fields.

Red-Throated Twinspot_PeterChadwick_AfricanConservationPhotographer

5 of 12: The stunningly beautiful male Red-Throated Twinspot.

Cape Buffalo_©PeterChadwick_AfricanConservationPhotographer

6 of 12: A Cape Buffalo bull emerges from shallow muddy waters where it has been bathing.

Wildscreen Exchange:
A unique global hub for all conservation communications. Powered by over 30 years’ worth of industry relationships, Exchange positions Wildscreen as an honest broker between content creators and conservation organisations, unlocking an unparalleled collection of digital media, providing a toolkit to empower and drive conservation communications with their audiences and amplifying the impact that powerful and emotive imagery can have on raising environmental awareness amongst the mass population.

Eland herd_©PeterChadwick_AfricanConservationPhotographer

7 of 12: A herd of Eland during a heavy winter storm. 

De Hoop Vlei_©PeterChadwick_AfricanConservationPhotographer

8 of 12: De Hoop Vlei an international RAMSAR wetland of conservation significance.

Global March for the elephants_PeterChadwick_AfricanConservationPhotographer

9 of 12: Global March for the elephants - 2014.

About Wildscreen Exchange content commissioning:
Wildscreen believes that powerful visual storytelling is the best way to engage the masses with our natural world and to inspire people to take action to protect it. As well as creating an online image hub for conservation organisations to help them bolster their own communications, Exchange will also act as an honest broker between content creators and conservation organisations, making sure the most critical conservation stories get told. In order to demonstrate the impact of commissioning content to potential funders, conservation organisations themselves and other stakeholders, Wildscreen is going to commission four photostories or films working with a conservation organisation and a professional filmmaker or photographer in order to create content around some key conservation issues in order to seek publicity for the conservation organisations and the issue they are tackling and trying to solve as well as promoting the Wildscreen Exchange initiative and all that it represents.

Southern Right Whales_©PeterChadwick_AfricanConservationPhotographer

10 of 12: A Southern Right Whale mother and calf laze in safe shallow waters of a marine protected area.

African Elephant at sunset_©PeterChadwick_AfricanConservationPhotographer

11 of 12: An African Elephant feeds as the sun sets over the Chobe River.

Hartlaubs Gull_©PeterChadwick_AfricanConservationPhotographer

12 of 12: A Hartlaubs Gull scavenges on a purse-sein trawl net as it is loaded onto a fishing trawler.

Submitting to Wildscreen Exchange: 

Do you have images you would like to donate? Could your conservation organisation benefit from this amazing resource?
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Peter Chadwick
Author: Peter ChadwickWebsite: http://www.peterchadwick.co.zaEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
As a dedicated conservationist, Peter Chadwick has 30 years strategic and operational conservation experience in terrestrial and marine protected area management. He has worked within all of the major biomes in southern Africa as well as having provided expert conservation advice at a global level. His conservation and wildlife photography is a natural extension to his conservation work where he has numerous opportunities to capture photographs that showcase the beauty and complexity of the outdoors. Peter’s photography is internationally recognized, with this work appearing globally in a wide range of print and electronic media.