Who are we?

African Conservation Photodestinations, Travel and Conservation Photography is the cumulation of many years work, ideas and passion!

Established in 2010, African Conservation Photodestinations reflects the efforts and passions of Arne Purves and Peter Chadwick, both of whom have been working in the conservation field for many years. 
Their website combines extensive nature conservation and photographic experience, that allows for a vibrant visual expression of the uniqueness and sometimes desperateness of Africa’s fauna and flora.
Years of experience working across South Africa in the formal conservation sector are presented here as useful advice on a multitude of topics from wild places to visit, what camera settings to choose for the best shot, what birds you are likely to see, to presenting some of the conservation challenges that our generation faces through the visual medium of conservation photography.
Regulary updated blog posts and a daily ‘Image of the Day’ serve as inspiration and news for naturalists, birders, photographers and conservationists alike. 

Peter Chadwick

Arne Purves

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"We hope that the content of our website will inspire you to make a difference in the fight for conservation and our natural heritage"