Black and White Photography

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An African Openbill lands near a herd of elephants that are feeding on an island in the Chobe River after sunset. Kasane, Botswana
Kgalagadi Black-maned Lion
A male lion lazily wakes up after a long hot day spent in the shade of a thorn tree.
Kelp Gull On A Rock
A Kelp Gull stands on a rock after attempting to catch a meal in a nearby rock pool.
Cape buffalo and cattle egrets by wildlife and conservation photographer peter chadwick
A mud covered Cape buffalo bull wades through the long marshy grasslands growing on the shores of Lake Nakuru in Kenya and is followed by a small flock of Cattle Egrest that snatch up any disturbed insects.
A Puffadder (Bitis arietans) keeps a beady eye on a potential threat infront of it, adopting a defensive posture.
Rugged Landscape outside Eksteenfontein
Traveling from Vioolsdrift to Eksteenfontein takes you through some really rugged and scenic country. This is semi-desert arid country typical of this part of the Northern Cape Karoo.
Zebra Hot
A group of zebra gaze towards the photographer in the Goegap Nature Reserve. They are down wind and have caught his scent. In a few seconds they will be running.
A female Leopard looks skywards as she rests in long grass
A trio of African Penguins dry off on the waters edge, with one of the birds pecking the other.
This portrait of a male Lion was photographed using Fugi Provia Film and which was then converted into Black & White using Lightroom 4. The use of film allowed a good saturation of colors and details which then added texture and depth when converted into the final product. 
13 results - showing 1 - 10
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