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Some weekend inspiration. The West Coast of South African provides some really intense sunsets. The remoteness of stretches of this coastline provide a real element of adventure and intrigue.

This image was photographed by my wife in the coastal section of the Namaqualand National Park. We were at the seal colony photographying their antics as the sun set. Sometimes you really need to take your eye from the viewfinder and appreciate the splendor of Nature's great shows. I do admit though I love sunsets. On this occasion though i was simply in awe of the intensity of the light that was illumintaing the sea and the sky.

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Photographed by Cecile Reed.
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Arne's passion for the environment, wildlife and conservation was instilled from an early age, leading to a career in nature conservation, first as a game ranger in the Natal Parks Board, a conservation officer with CapeNature and today in the City of Cape Town's Environmental Compliance Department. Photography is his creative medium of choice.