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Pin Cushion Flower Detail
This Strelitzia was photographed using a telephoto lens from a short distance. The background was in the shade with the flower illuminated by the early morning sun.
Purple Vygies:Namaqua National Park: South Africa
A Dwarf-Beaked Snake coils in defense; Kalahari Desert: South Africa
The Kirstenbosch National Botanical gardens provide a tapestry of colors to photograph throughout the year. Capturing textures and detail of the many different Fynbos species, really opens up the world of this complex vegetation type.
There are eleven species of Agama is South Africa. Breeding males often have striking coloration and display with the distinctive "bobbing" of the head.
A Crowned Guineafowl feather clings to a branch, illuminated by the early morning sun.
Washed up on the beach and bleached by the sun. The beach is a great outdoor photography spot to practice your macro photography.
Morea Fugax, belongs to the Iridaceae family and occurs in the Cape Floral Kingdom in South Africa.  
Dung Beetle rolling a "cigar" | Namaqua National Park | Macro Photography | © Arne Purves
A fairly unusual sight to see a dung beetle rolling a "cigar" shaped dung ball. Namaqua National Park coastal section, Northern Cape, South Africa.
42 results - showing 31 - 40
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