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The coastal section of the Namaqua National Park lies between the Groen and Spoeg River estuaries and traverses rugged yet picturesque coastline that requires the use of a 4x4 vehicle.

Numerous small bays, boulder outcrops and white beaches dot this landscape making it an extremely worthwhile photographic destination. Heaviside’s Dolphin which are endemic, occur in small pods that regularly leap out of the backs of waves with Korringkorrel Baai being one of the best locations to view these small dolphins.

In springtime, fields of colorful flowers occur right up to the edge of the beach and provide tremendous opportunity for attractive landscape images. Limpet beds of various species provide the worlds densest concentrations of grazers and make challenging photographic subjects and the Cape Fur Seal colony is one of the few that occurs within a protected area.


Best Time to Photograph
Early mornings and late evenings are best for landscape photography while timing visits to coincide with spring and neap tides is best for intertidal photography. Bird photography is best undertaken from early to mid morning.
Type of Photography
  • Birds
  • Beachscapes
  • Flowers
  • Landscapes
  • Intertidal Organism's
Best Time of Year
Photographic Tips
When photographing on the coast always be aware of rogue waves. This is a rough stretch of coastline where seas are large and dangerous if not watched. The Cape Fur Seal colony, although lying right next to the road, is still very sensitive to any disturbance. All movements must be made very slowly and should not approach the colony beyond the ridge that drops to the beach.
Recommended Gear
Protective covers for all your photographic gear is suggested when photographing on the coast, as there is often a wind blowing that brings a fine salt mist with it. Good zoom lenses are useful when photographing on the intertidal platforms as this limits gear that needs to be carried on often-slippery rocks.


Site Highlights
Kwas Se Baai
Korringkorrel Baai
Policeman’s Helmet
Cape Fur Seal Colony


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Season and Weather
Although the Namaqua National Park is generally hot and dry, cold winds and mist can blow off the seas at any time necessitating warm weather gear that is also wind and waterproof.
Other Activities
  • Bird Watching
  • 4x4 trails
  • Beach activities


Closest Town
Getting There
Follow the N7 between Cape Town and Springbok. At Garies turn westwards towards the coastline and follow the signage for approximately 60 – 70kms to the Groen River estuary. The entrance to the park is well signposted.
Namaqua National Park


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