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Leucospermum cordifolium by wildlife and conservation photographer Peter Chadwick
The anthers of a Leucospermum cordifolium beging to unfurl from the center of the flower as it matures. Soon all the anthers will open to give the flowers its common name of "Pin Cushion"
Muizenberg to Strandfontein | False Bay | Cape Town
Early morning mist clears over False Bay as walkers enjoy the cool, sunny, winters morning.
Kalk Bay Harbour Boats, Cape Town.
Late afternoon in the Kalk Bay harbour.
Giant Limpets | Namaqua National Park
The Namaqua National Park is famous for its high density of giant limpets in the inter-tidal zone.
Storm over the Cape Town Atlantic Coast
The first big winter storm sweeps across the Atlantic seaboard in Cape Town.
Old Poster in St James
An old poster, weathered and torn, hangs above one of the railway subways along False Bay's coastline.
Autumn Colours
Light pierces through the dense foliage of a tree, illuminating the changing colours of the seasons in the leaves.
The wild and incredibly beautiful Namaqua coastline where flowers may be found right down on the beachfront amongst the sea shells.
Early morning over a calm Kalk Bay Harbour in False Bay
A strong onshore wind swell hits Kalk Bay Harbour wall in False Bay.
53 results - showing 31 - 40
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