African Conservation Photodestinations supports local communities and strives to stimulate local economic upliftment through supporting community based eco-tourism.

As part of our commitment to supporting local communities and social upliftment programmes we provide a subisdised online platform for field guides that have been trained through accredited agencies and who are providing a local guide service in their areas.

We have made use of the services of all the guides listed on this site and as we profile new guides we will add their details on the website.

Photodestination Guides1. Samson Mulaudzi is a local site guide for the central Soutmansberg 

We encourage you to support these guides and to make use of their vast exprience and knowledge.

It will undoubtably benefit both wildlife photographers and keen birders in locating avian photographic subjects or ticks on your twitch list! This a is a great way to locate a photograph or view loacl endemics.

Search for guides on the Map or browse our directory of field guides.