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Greater flamingo with head tucked into wing by wildlife and conservation photographer Peter Chadwick.jpg
Bird photography is an exciting photographic pursuit. There is a great diversity of birds, all with interesting habits, vibrant and varied coloration and antics. Bird photography can often be difficult and challenging, but it is also easy to find "tame" subjects to practice on. Here are 10 tips to help improve your bird photography. 
Wildlife photography is just like most other pursuits, the more you learn & practice the "luckier" you get.
Are you ready to give wildlife photography anothgy try with that new, fancy, DSLR camera? You were not impressed with the wildlife photos on your new DSLR camera, in fact, you feel that the washed-out and over exposed sunset photo you took just after Christmas would have come out better on your old "point-and-shoot" camera.Isn't the...
The much anticipated Canon 5D III firmware update is now available for download. It brings two notable improvements to the camera: uncompressed HDMI output and the ability to use cross-type autofocus at f/8.
As wildlife and outdoor photographers, we want the viewers of our work to be immediately attracted to our wildlife photography images and there is nothing like using the elements of color to grab a viewer’s attention.
My earliest memories of photography were of me sitting in the pitch blackness of a darkroom with my father and staring into the developing trays with the strong smell of chemicals permeating my nostrils. I remember my wonder at gazing at the sheet of white paper and watching as the image started to show itself and the textures and...
With 2012 lying behind us and having had the time to take a bit of a break chilling at home, I was also able to reflect a bit on the year past and consider some of my favorite images. 2012 was a hectically busy year for me on both the conservation and photographic front and I constantly seemed to...
We have lost the connection with our soul and the peace of our inner being! In my mind, this is because we have made our lives way too complicated with all the rushing around that modern living brings. We rise early in the morning to speed to work, dodging taxi’s that ignore the rules of the road only to...
“Produce wildlife images that are prone to be stolen” Horst Klemm on image quality (referring to prints in his old office). The inaugural Wild Shots wildlife photography symposium was held recently at the South African Iziko Museum. I was lucky enough to attend this event and meet some of South Africa's wildlife and conservation photography and...
 “If you forget it’s a camera in your hands you tend to press the shutter at interesting moments” National Geographic Photographer and entomologist Mark Moffett on photographing insect behavior. Words that really got me thinking about my own photography.
25 results - showing 11 - 20
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