photographing Langebaan
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Aerial view of 16-mile beach marine protected area_©PeterChadwick_AfricanConservationPhotographer.jpg
Marine Conservation
The West Coast National Park that falls under the  South African National Parks is responsible for the management of the Sixteen-mile Beach, Langebaan Lagoon, Malgas Island, Jutten Island and Marcus Island marine protected areas. 
Langebaan lagoon from the air by wildlife and conservation photographer Peter Chadwick.jpg
Aerial photography, although challenging, can be extremely rewarding and provides photographic perspectives that are seldom viewed. It is however not as easy at it might seem and given the costly nature of this type of photography and the speed that your photographic platform is moving at, it is best to be well-prepared so as to ensure successful image...
Cape Gannets on Malgas Island
It can be really challenging to find innovative ways to photograph a subject, to capture images that makes us think a little harder about the subject or teach us something new. After spending a few days on Malgas Island in the West Coast National Park, photographing the Cape Gannet colony, I was getting frustrated with trying to...
Cape Gannet on Malgas Island
Marine Conservation
The Cape Gannet (Morus capensis) is losing 1% of its population per annum, which means that in the last 50 years, we have lost 50% of the Gannet population!
Cape Wagtail | West Coast National Park | ©Arne Purves
Western Cape Birding
Sitting in the cool darkness of the Seeberg Hide on the Langebaan Lagoon in the West Coast National Park, I let my senses absorb all that was happening around me, with my hearing being the most acute.
Western Cape Birding
The 27 600 hectare West Coast National Park is one of South Africa’s Important Bird Areas and the Langebaan Lagoon, which forms the centre of this ecologically diverse area, proudly and rightfully holds Ramsar status, which is only allocated to sites of international importance. The park is a hotspot for endemism and is probably best known for its vast...
6 results - showing 1 - 6