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Agulhas Lighthouse by wildlife and conservation photographer Peter Chadwick
Winter storm clouds pass the Agulhas Lighthouse as it shines its warning light out to sea at the southern tip of Africa.
Kosi Bay Fish Traps - iSimangaliso Wetland Park
An elevated view of a section of the Kosi Bay fish traps in the iSimangaliso Wetland Park.
A rusty, old anchor chain lies across a pebble beach on the outskirts of Puenta Arenas, Chille.
The Perito Moreno Glacier is a glacier located in the Los Glaciares National Park in south west Santa Cruz province, Argentina. The 250 km2 glacier, is one of 48 glaciers fed by the Southern Patagonian Ice Field located in the Andes system shared with Chile. This icefield is the world's third largest reserve of fresh water. ...
Cloud covers the Drakensberg Escarpment from Giants Castle and looking towards Monks Cowl
A bedouin elder smokes a Sisha Pipe outside a smoking den in the Sinai Desert
Table Mountain Cable Car is a must do activity if you are in Cape Town. Take the cable car up and walk down Platteklip George.
The Culpeo (Lycalopex culpaeus), sometimes known as the Culpeo zorro or Andean fox (wolf), is a South American species of wild dog.
66 results - showing 57 - 64
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